What generation are you from? Technically, I could go either way Gen X or Millennial as I was born right at the crossover point between the two. According to the MSM, Millennials are known for their sense of entitlement, narcissism and their ever growing need to be coddled and I don’t identify with it one bit. So… come on millennials get from under the whirring helicopter blades of your parents and get out in the world and live your life! Embrace your failures, work hard for your wins and experience all the ups and downs of life. This my millennial friends is what I call adulthood.


How to re-enforce the millennial stereotype in a few short quotes… courtesy of the Calgary Herald.

“There was that element of frustration and feeling like a failure,” she says about returning home. “But then the logical side of me kicked in and said “It’s just fiscally responsible.”

Sholes is still a few credits shy of graduating but isn’t sure if she will return because her private school was very expensive and she’s not confident she’ll be able to find a job in the film industry even with a degree.

“There are bumps, like when she fails to tidy up or check in with her parents regularly. But otherwise it’s a comfort to be with her family.”

“I have a very loving, supportive family, they don’t give me a hard time about it,” she said. “It’s a good place to crash while I figure my life out.”


#GetOffMyLawn you god damn kids.

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