Obama should have put his application in to host the Daily Show. He makes a couple of points that you just can’t ignore. Why not support something that is working (ObamaCare)? How can you possibly COMPLETELY ignore climate change? Especially, when so many experts say there might be something to it. How can you really be that ignorant? When you have a republican bring a snowball into congress to prove that “Climate Change” is false… Look I have a snowball – this is just embarrassing. Just keep on eating your bacon and donuts. #Facepalm.


And those CNBC moderators are just so vicious, the spawn of satan /sarcasm. – Seriously, have you seen Putin recently? In Russia they don’t just have the right to “Bear” arms they have the right to the whole “Bear”. Go ahead and try to win that staring contest.


One thing is for sure that American politics are far more entertaining than up here in the Great White North. Not much going on up here but nice hair and #Selfies. TRUMP 2016. j/k.

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