I’m pretty sure that lots of guys have made this claim about their cucumbers but finally we might have a winner. I also like the fact that this guy has managed to do this without the excessive use of fertilizers and chemicals.

He collects up to 300 bags of leaves in the fall and dumps them in the ground, and that prevents up to 70 per cent less water loss, Tomelin said, adding he doesn’t do any weeding. As for the tilling, the worms and micro-organisms do that.


The record for the world’s longest cucumber might belong to a Kelowna, B.C., man who’s also vying to have the longest pickle on the planet. Daniel Tomelin, 54, said his garden has produced the king of all cucumbers, somehow splitting off from the crowd and going above and beyond his wildest expectations.

“I let the thing grow and it was just starting to touch the ground and I was kind of saying, ‘What is the world’s largest cucumber?’ I didn’t even have a clue.”

He looked online, at the Guinness World Records site, where he learned the record for the longest cucumber is 105 centimetres, or about 41.5 inches.He said he was gobsmacked when his cuke measured 42.5 inches.

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