Spoiler alert there is no easy way to quit smoking. What needs to happen is a come to Jesus moment with the actual reasons that you continue to smoke.

Coming from a dumbass who smoked for over a decade – One of the hardest things to listen to is the constant barrage of people that ask you ‘when are you gonna quit. A few of my all-time favorite responses to this question were: ‘My mother never raised a quitter’ or ‘I’ll quit right now – until my next cigarette’. I sure showed them LOL.

If burning a hole in your lungs doesn’t concern you though – maybe you’ll think twice about the amount of cash you are smoking every time you light up. A fancy website did up the below infographic on the cost of smoking by state and it’s outrageous, even more so than JT dancing the Bhangra – Google it. Or don’t. And if you are from Canada just imagine the cost after converting these numbers to the Canadian peso.

TLDR – Smoking costs a metric shit ton of money. The out of pocket cost, the opportunity cost (compound interest), health costs. Blah, blah, blah. You are not only going to die early, you are probably going to die broke as well. So the logical thing for you to do is quit.

If that doesn’t convince you and it probably won’t. Remember – you’re not actually giving up anything because cigarettes do absolutely nothing for you. They provide you with no genuine pleasure or crutch, they simply keep you addicted – a slave to nicotine.

Get it clearly into your mind: you are losing nothing and you will make positive gains not only in health, energy, and money but also in confidence, self-respect, freedom, and most important of all, in the length and quality of your future life. You’re going to enjoy being a non-smoker right from the moment you put out your last cigarette. Do it.

The title of the book I am about to recommend sounds like a giant Costco size bag of Cheetos but I digress – if you are a dumbass and currently smoke or you are just curious about what it takes to quit smoking before you start. Please read Allan Carr’s easy way to quit smoking.

I know this sounds like a bunch of BS. You may be asking where is the affiliate link? What’s in it for The Money Runner? Nothing. I suggest you don’t even buy the book. Go get it from your local library. Read the book. Quit smoking. Save money. Save your life.

8 thoughts on “The Real Cost of Smoking Cigarettes”
  1. i’ve been smoke-free for almost 8 months. I quit cold turkey, no patches or e-cigs, because of one simple truth: I WANTED to quit, instead of NEEDING to quit.

  2. When you quit smoking all of a sudden you have so much extra time to think of and do other things that don’t revolve around smoking. I never realized how much of a fucking pain it is to be a smoker now. When I’m with my friends going out, we are always and forever stopping to get a pack of cigarettes, or going outside to smoke because you can’t smoke inside anywhere anymore, or oh, let me just stand outside to smoke before this movie starts, before dinner, in the middle of dinner, after dinner before we get in the car, your whole life revolves around these little moments of finding an opportunity to smoke.

  3. You have to want to stop. Do not replace cigarettes with food. I “blossomed” by 65Lb in 3 months after quitting a 2 packs a day habit 🙂

  4. You need to change your mind-set. You must change from being a smoker who is trying to quit to being a non-smoker. This is fundamental. As long as you regard yourself as a smoker, you will spend your time fighting the urge to return to type. If you think of yourself as a non-smoker who smoked for a while, then reverting to type seems a lot less daunting.

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