There is a reason that the debt levels in Canada and the US are approaching all time highs. The average Canadian owes about $1.70 for every dollar of income he or she earns per year, after taxes. This is not an oops I slipped. This is by design. No one actually wants you to save money.

Almost everyone is out to get a little bit of your dinero. I mean everyone, even your own kids are out to get you. They are constantly asking you for more food (just kidding you are supposed to do that) the latest and greatest gadget and they are relentless with their asking power. PLEASE MOM, PLEASE DAD. They never give up.

Then your BIL invites you to Puerto Vallarta for a wedding. What the hell is wrong with the Norseman? People used to hold their reception at the local town hall not 4,000KM away and $4,000 dollars later. Your neighbor buys a boat and then the other neighbor buys one too. Tempting?

Bankers and realtors too. One wants to lend you money and the other wants you to spend it. “That house is too big and fancy for you.” Said no Realtor ever.

Ask a barber if you need a haircut? I’m certain that even if you had no hair the answer would be YES!

Then you have the rest of the cheerleaders – specialty stores, office supplies, clothes, jewelry, books, electronic junk, and more. They are all trying to get a piece of you.

It’s stacked against you and it’s getting harder and harder to not spend more than you earn. Everyone is your opponent and they are fierce, skilled at fighting you every step of the way. It all sounds so hopeless but it isn’t, once you realize that your ultimate adversary is not your banker, the specialty store or the local restaurant, it’s actually YOU.

You can make the choice to spend less and punch mindless consumerism in the face. Your future self will thank you.

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