Would you like the chance to experience some of the finest powder in the world and own a piece of the mountain as well? Here’s your chance to be that badass ski mogul you’ve always dreamed of (pun intended).

Red mountain in little Rossland B.C has started a campaign with startengine.com to gauge whether there is enough interest to offer equity to the Canadian public. So far so good – as of writing they have over 2,000 subscribers with interest of over $7,000,000 in equity. Just 3 million short of their goal.

As an investor, you would become an actual owner of RED Mountain Resort. That’s right – OWN: The mountain, the chairlifts, everything.

This “Test The Waters” stage allows people to express interest in the investment without handing over any actual loot — now or later. If Test the Waters gains sufficient traction, RED will will move on to the next round with offering actual ownership in the mountain.

They are also offering unique tiered perks and rewards with each investment. Which make the whole thing a fairly good deal. There is a $1,000 minimum but with the perks the total cost is closer to $500 as they start with giving you 5 transferable full day lift tickets.

There is absolutely no obligation if you make a reservation through Startengine – think of your reservation as hitting a giant “LIKE” button. I already reserved my stake and I’m hoping they make it to the second round so I have an excuse to head down to Rossland. Hit the slopes using my Tier 1 lift tickets and of course chill in the new stoners Owners lounge.

At this point there is not much clarity over the type of equity that is being offered. I assume that a separate class of shares than the original owners will be created for this offer and of course they will be non voting, otherwise the “Man” might end up taking over RED after all in some sort of hostile takeover.

So if you are an avid skier or snowboarder or if you just like helping the little guy, go over to the RED mountain campaign page and read all the details.

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