If you thought the 50KM wasn’t hard enough you’re in luck. To celebrate Canada’s 150th, the Scotiabank Calgary marathon has added a new ultra category the 150KM. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine what kind of crazy you would have to be to run 150K solo. Lucky for me and the rest of us humans they have also added a relay category.

I’m strongly considering getting a group of money runners together to conquer this event. I wonder how many people you can have join the relay? 10 runners for 15KM each would be ideal. Strike that according to the Scotia Marathon twitter feed it’s going to be a 3 runner relay for the 150K. Bummer. Current pricing is at $1,000 until July 1st.

*Update – It looks like it changed again. “This overnight 150K relay will be on a certified and looped course and will be open to 50 teams made up of 2 to 11 per team and will be run simultaneously with the solo event.”

You can read the full details here.

Stay tuned for the course map and rules for the 150KM solo and relay. There was also mention about a “virtual” 150km option. I will post updates to this post as soon as the info is available.

We have added the Confederation 150K Solo and a 150K Relay events already, which will be run on a certified course that will include the last 50K of the Ultra route and we will be releasing maps/logistics next week. Some of the best ideas have come from YOU the runners, so make sure you fill out the last question of the survey above with your ideas on how to make this the biggest and best Canadian party in 2017!


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