This does not appear to be just a fire, from the pictures that I have seen it’s an inferno of mass destruction. What a devastating day for Fort McMurray. 83,000 people have been evacuated and so far only 53,000 people have been accounted for. My heart goes out the people of Ft. Mac that have been displaced. So far it appears that there has been no loss of life. Kudos to the emergency teams and first responders.

With every major disaster there will be a need for donations and help. Be careful about donating to organizations or charities that you have never heard of before, especially people going door to door – there are scammers that take advantage of these situations. Your best bet is the Red Cross, they have set up a donation page that will directly benefit the people of Ft. Mac. Links listed below. At this time the Red Cross is not accepting in kind donations, used clothing and other things.

I hope that if you have family or friends in the area that they are safe and accounted for. – this site aims to help pair Albertans able to open their homes, rental properties, recreational properties, and other available space to people in need of somewhere to stay.

The Red Cross– this site links you to the Alberta Fires Appeal, where you can donate directly to assist Fort Mac fire refugees.

Edmonton Emergency Relief– a group of people dedicated to serving victims of fire and disaster by helping them with the basic supplies, such as household necessities, and furniture. All services are provided at no cost to the people in need.

Pray for Fort McMurray– a Facebook-hosted site connecting people who want to give with those who need to receive. You may donate here as well.

Via – The Greater Fool – Garth Turner

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