There might be a larger issue with the amount of Tim Horton’s trash that you will find blowing across parking lots, parks, trails, lakes and rivers and of course on the side of almost every road and major highway.

I wonder if all these empty Timmies cups were thoughtlessly left behind by the same people who are opposed to the Enbridge adverts. Or maybe all the trash is just a clever way for Tim Horton’s to maximize their own advertising.

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On Thursday morning, the coffee-and-doughnut purveyor responded to complaints about the ads on Twitter, telling individual users: “We value your feedback and the Enbridge advertisements are no longer airing on ‘Tims TV.'”

But the tempest in a Timbit only grew as oil industry supporters lashed out against the move.

The top-trending Twitter hashtag on Thursday afternoon in Canada was #BoycottTims.

Calgary Conservative MPs Jason Kenney, Michelle Rempel and Joan Crockatt took the chain to task on Twitter.

“I’m proud to represent thousands of constituents who work for @Enbridge & other CDN energy companies,” Kenney, the defence minister, tweeted.

Tim Hortons declined to comment.

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