If you are a statistic junky like me and you ski or snowboard a Garmin forerunner might be your next new gadget. If you look around the net there are several Ski and Snowboard speedometers and they all have one thing in common, they are bloody expensive.

Pick up a Garmin watch for $100 strap it on your wrist and head out to the mountains. Now we can get to the good part for all you stat junkies out there. Ever wonder how fast you are going? How Far? Want a map of the trails that you took? Well…. do ya? Check out the snapshots below of my snowboarding trip out to sunshine last week.

As you can see my max speed hit 60 KM/Hr, this also must have been when my heart rate hit 160BPM. One thing that these stats confirm is that snowboarding is definitely a good cardio work out.

So if you looking to get a few stats about your performance or just wondering how fast you can go. Picking up a Garmin GPS is a cheap way to get yourself a snowboarding speedometer.

I’m sure there are other creative ways of using a Garmin. So… The question O’ the day is Have you used your Garmin for something other than its intended use?

My running results for Week 6 – 6.5KM & Week 7 – 3.6KM have been fairly poor. Good news is that my knee is feeling better and I’ve started my training plan for the Apr 29th Police half marathon race.

My total mileage YTD: 106KM. Avg per Week – 15KM. This is short of my goal of 20KM per week. My Goal for the year is 1000KM.

2 thoughts on “Using Your Garmin GPS as a Skiing or Snowboarding Speedometer”
  1. I use my Garmin in my car as a replacement Speedometer. I have an ancient Nissan and they say they can’t get the speedo cable for it. Unobtainable and unorderable since the Tsunami in Japan.

    1. That’s a perfect example of keepin’ it frugal and using a device for double duty. Awesome.

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