If you Google new years resolutions you will find many websites that will have lists of the top 10 new years resolutions. What you will also find is these lists are often packed with non specific things like “Have more fun” “Spend more time with your family” “Get out of debt” and “Exercise more”. Of course, all of these things are good but what they are missing is a specific action.

You could easily turn these resolutions above into tangible goals that you will most likely keep and achieve by changing a few words.

Let’s change those new years resolutions above into new years goals:

1) Spend at least 1 Hour everyday reading and playing with my son.
2) Pay off and cancel one credit card by June 1st.
3) Track and loose 10lbs by Apr 1st.

You can write these down and post them on your fridge or put them somewhere that is easily visible. This will remind you of your goals and that there is a specific time frame that you have to complete them.

While I was driving yesterday, the local radio host was going on about how he doesn’t set new years resolutions as he sees it as pointless. He believes that if he needs to make a positive change he would do it anytime of the year. In this particular case I believe he is totally missing the point of new years as a time of reflection. But I do agree that setting goals and striving to improve yourself throughout the year is probably the better way to achieve success.

When you set a goal I believe that it should be attainable but difficult. Sometimes taking that first step in the direction of attaining your goals can be the hardest part.

A few of my personal goals for 2012:

1) Run a total of 1000KM
2) Bike a total of 1000KM

3) 1:45 Half Marathon
4) 20 Min 5K

5) Start a personal financial blog with a side helping of running. – Achieve 100 visitors a week by the end of 2012.

Good luck everyone on reaching your goals for 2012. As for myself I’m now one post closer to reaching #5.

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